Introducing Momentum Music Research 

Meet the cloud-based research system that puts you in command with real-time data and intelligence for winning music decisions for radio and streaming audio.

Gauging listener preferences on music and other content online is the easy part. It’s how the research data and song recommendations get delivered instantly that truly elevates the game. That’s how Momentum Music Research takes you next-level.

Our uber-intelligent algorithm eliminates outlier data bias delivering reliable and robust samples every time. Each song is assigned a Pop Score revealing its true rating and potential, highlighting the winners and losers instantly. Our proprietary algorithm ranks the hits in maximum sort order ensuring the right songs are in the right categories and every music choice you make is a consulted one.

The Right Music is Mission Critical

Explosive at-home listening driving longer TSL. Eroding top line audience. Endless music listening options… Listeners are bombarded with entertainment media that can cause the songs you play to either burn faster or not deliver the appeal you imagined. Momentum Music Research keeps you on top of the music you play!

Momentum Music Research is Next-Level

  • Real-time research data for better decisions.
  • Easy to set-up and field your surveys.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly Digital Callout for currents, re-currents, even golds.
  • Semi-annual library Online Music Test (OMT).
  • Songs, music styles, content, even perceptual questions.
  • Instant access to 200,000 music hooks included.
  • Our proprietary algorithm is your virtual consultant.
  • Complete support. We’ll even do it for you!
  • Delivered by renowned radio and audio experts.

Music Research. Not Rocket Science

With Momentum Music Research, it’s easy to conduct your own research. Our ground-breaking algorithm automatically manages your sample and outputs real time music intelligence. No hocus pocus. No giant retainer. No research degree required.

Just easy-to-create, instant, and actionable info on which to base your music decisions.

Exceptional Support and Mentorship

We’ll provide you with your own personal mentor with research and programming experience who will guide you through set-up and help you get the most out of your music testing strategy. Meet the team.

Alternatively, we can implement your research program for you, so your team can focus on all the things they do best. All our people at Momentum are marketing and media pros who can handle it all – from survey and email set-up to social media, blind study recruitment and surveys, and more.

 Momentum Music Research is powered by the iRate cloud platform under license from Ryan Media and Research Ltd.